Custom Solar Doorplate Light Innovation

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In 2021, our story began on Alibaba International. The client is a brand owner specializing in solar doorplate lights in the U.S., so he was deeply aware of the solar outdoor light field's great potential and was also pursuing innovative products in this field.

The client reached out to us, and after potential communication, through market research, we understood that the client wanted to develop a unique solar doorplate sign light. This lamp allows flexibility in the floor and wall mounting but also the uniqueness of the user to DIY the digital stickers. Facing this demand, we offered our customers a highly efficient product solution.

solar powered door sign lights
Our team collaborates. First, the ID appearance designer spent three days completing the new product design drawings. Then, in the following seven days, a 3D printing prototype version was presented. The foundation for new product development was laid. It took us only thirty-five days to design the actual product. After getting the client's comments about the latest product, our art team designed the color box within one day. This color box design contains the client's logo, a scene diagram, and specific parameters of the new solar doordoorplate .

Exterior Designer for Yinghao
After the customer has put a new product on the market. The sales of this new product on the website exceeded the client's expectations. They not only expressed their affirmation of our company's one-stop service professionalism, but they also became our repeat customers. The repurchase behavior once every three months fully proves the lasting value of the solar doorplate light products we created. 

The new Solar Doorplate Lights are very popular with our customers. The news that sales have exceeded expectations is very encouraging. Customer feedback highlights the product's versatility, individual design, and excellent quality. We are very encouraged by this achievement. If you would like to know more about Yinghao, please get in touch with us!