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YINGHAO offers its distributors training, technical assistance, and marketing and sales support to effectively advertise and sell its products. The business also provides competitive pricing and customization possibilities to meet the needs of various clients and projects.

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Strengthening Partnerships Benefits of Becoming Our Distributor

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Distributor Protection Policy:

Territorial Exclusivity: Once you become our distributor, we will establish exclusive agency rights in the agreed-upon territory, preventing other distributors from entering your operating area.

Price Protection: We will sign contracts with our distributors to define clear pricing policies, ensuring price stability during the contract period and avoiding arbitrary price adjustments due to market fluctuations.

Information Sharing and Communication: We will maintain close communication and cooperation with our distributors, sharing market information and product updates promptly, working together to respond to market changes.

After-Sales Support: We will provide professional after-sales support to our distributors, including technical consultations, inventory support, and problem resolution, ensuring that your customers receive the best after-sales service.

Find Distributors

Advantages of Cooperation:

Technological Strength: As a manufacturer specializing in solar lighting products, we possess a strong R&D team and extensive manufacturing experience, enabling us to offer high-quality products that lead the market.

Brand Influence: Our brand has established a positive reputation in the market, with our products selling well both domestically and internationally. Distributors can leverage our brand influence to establish a market position more rapidly.

Comprehensive Product Line: We offer a diverse range of solar lighting products, including street lights, garden lights, wall lights, and more, allowing distributors to select suitable products according to market demands.

Market Support: We will provide comprehensive market support to our distributors through advertising campaigns, marketing promotions, and other initiatives, facilitating their market expansion and sales activities.

Win-Win Mechanism: We aim to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with our distributors, promoting mutual development and sharing the benefits of success.

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YINGHAO’s solar light and services give you an absolute edge over your competitors.

Based on rich experience in solar lighting, we are committed to maximizing product value and helping customers seize the market.

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