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YINGHAO, our company brand, is derived from the Chinese characters "颖" and "豪". "颖" means to be innovative, to have unique insights, and to be able to grasp opportunities. "豪" means to be courageous, to be adventurous, and to be perseverant in pursuit of excellence.

What Do We Value?

Social Responsibility

YINGHAO provides high-quality and innovative products worldwide while also making a positive impact on society and the environment. We devote a portion of their profits to advance solar lighting and provide assistance in emergencies locally and globally, including lighting up emergency medical clinics and food distribution stations.


Our company is committed to sustainability by conducting business in a way that supports both people and the planet. We minimize our environmental impact and support the communities we serve, enhancing our corporate profitability and value. With over 12 years of experience, we provide reliable, cost-effective lighting solutions for cities, militaries, and commercial properties.


Company Founder

Company Overview

Steven Zhuo


The success of YINGHAO solar lamp manufacturer is attributed to our founder, Mr. Zhuo, a visionary determined to develop efficient, sustainable, affordable and accessible green energy products for people worldwide.

Mr. Zhuo, an experienced engineer in renewable energy, saw the potential of solar lighting and its impact on those without electricity. With a vision for a successful company creating positive change, he led the development of high-quality solar products tailored to customer needs. His strategic acumen drove YINGHAO's overall growth, fostering partnerships and expanding market reach, making it a global leader in solar lighting.

He is driven by his passion for green energy and social responsibility. His belief in providing affordable and sustainable lighting to communities in need continues to guide YINGHAO today.

Company Structure

Company Structure