Solar Wall Lights

YINGHAO solar wall lights offer enterprises the perfect outdoor wall lighting solutions, combining aesthetics and sustainability to enhance outdoor spaces. Our designs seamlessly integrate solar technology with environmental protection, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere while enhancing the beauty of patios, walkways, and entryways with YINGHAO Outdoor Solar Wall Lights. These energy-efficient lights are easy to install, reducing operating expenses and minimizing environmental impact.

To meet diverse business needs, we provide customized solar wall light design solutions, turning your ideas into reality. Contact us today and let’s discuss your project.

PIR Motion Sensor Split Solar Wall LampPIR Motion Sensor Split Solar Wall Lamp


PIR Motion Sensor Split Solar Wall Lamp
Patent-Designed Solar Wall Light SeriesPatent-Designed Solar Wall Light Series


Patent-Designed Solar Wall Light Series
Magnetic Solar Garden Light OutdoorMagnetic Solar Garden Light Outdoor


Magnetic Solar Garden Light Outdoor
Three-Sided Illumination Solar Wall LightThree-Sided Illumination Solar Wall Light


Three-Sided Illumination Solar Wall Light
Dual-Side Lighting Solar Step LightDual-Side Lighting Solar Step Light


Dual-Side Lighting Solar Step Light
Stylish Design L-Shape Solar Deck LightStylish Design L-Shape Solar Deck Light


Stylish Design L-Shape Solar Deck Light
Up Down Solar Wall LightUp Down Solar Wall Light


Up Down Solar Wall Light
Minimalist Design Solar PIR Motion Sensor Wall LightMinimalist Design Solar PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light


Minimalist Design Solar PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light
Solar Wall Light With Motion SensorSolar Wall Light With Motion Sensor


Solar Wall Light With Motion Sensor
Modern Outdoor Solar Wall LightsModern Outdoor Solar Wall Lights


Modern Outdoor Solar Wall Lights
Small Outdoor Solar LED Wall LightsSmall Outdoor Solar LED Wall Lights


Small Outdoor Solar LED Wall Lights
Decorative Solar Wall LightsDecorative Solar Wall Lights


Decorative Solar Wall Lights
YINGHAO Launches Customized ETFE Solar Panels

YINGHAO Launches Customized ETFE Solar Panels

YINGHAO's new ETFE solar panels offer superior performance and durability.

  • Efficiency Improvement: Light transmittance increased by 10% to 95%, and conversion efficiency increased by 9%.
  • Long Service Life: Operational for over 5 years.
  • Self-Cleaning and Fireproof: Unique anti-stick surface with B1 level fireproof performance.
  • Unique Appearance: Easily distinguishable design.
Reliable Battery Quality

Reliable Battery Quality

YINGHAO ensures the highest battery quality for our solar lights through rigorous testing and quality control.

  • ATL Testing: Batteries undergo stringent ATL energy storage tests.
  • Capacity Grading: Performance testing and classification are conducted using capacity grading cabinets to ensure battery consistency.
  • New Batteries: We use new batteries to guarantee the longevity and reliability of our solar lights.

Full Solution For Solar Wall Lights

Our R&D team has 15 senior engineers with more than 20 years of experience in product development. Combining high quality materials and advanced technology, we help you realize all the ideas of solar lights.

FAQ About Solar Wall Lights

Can Yinghao Solar Wall Lights Be Customized?

Yes. Our customization options for the lights include appearance customization, light effect customization, power customization, and packaging customization. Contact us to discuss your specific customization needs.

1) UV-Resistant ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) :

Offers higher strength compared to PP (Polypropylene) materials, providing better durability and stability.

2) High-Efficiency Solar Panels:

Photovoltaic conversion efficiency up to 95%. Additionally, we have our own solar panel manufacturing plant for strict quality control and customization.

3) Certified Batteries :

The batteries used in YINGHAO solar wall lights undergo rigorous testing, including ATL (Amperex Technology Limited) energy storage testing, to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. These batteries are designed to provide consistent energy storage and discharge cycles.

4) UV-Resistant PC Lenses:

These lenses offer superior clarity and durability, protecting the internal components from UV damage and maintaining high light transmission.

5) Aerospace Aluminum :

Lightweight, strong, and excellent at heat dissipation. This material ensures the structural integrity and long-term durability of the lights.

6) Surface Coating:

The metal surfaces are coated and subjected to the cross-hatch adhesion test (Crosshatch test) to ensure the coating's durability and adhesion, providing long-lasting protection against environmental elements.

7) Environmental Tin Immersion :

Our lights use RoHS-compliant environmental tin immersion coatings, ensuring they meet strict environmental standards. which enhances the durability and aesthetic appeal of the metal surfaces.

YINGHAO solar wall lights are backed by a range of certifications and warranties

Certifications :

CE / FCC / RoHS / ISO 9001 / ISO14001 / BSCI

Warranties :

1)2 to 3-Year Warranty

Covers any defects in materials or workmanship. During this period, we will repair or replace any defective products free of charge.

2)Coverage Includes:

Solar Panels: Performance and efficiency.

Light Fixtures: Overall structure and durability.

Batteries: Charging and discharging performance.

3)Lifetime Technical Support:

Our team is available 24/7 to address any technical issues or concerns that may arise.

Yes, YIANGHAO offers discounts and volume pricing options to our B2B customers, providing significant savings on volume purchases to ensure cost-effectiveness on large projects!

1.Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

Each product has a specified MOQ to qualify for wholesale pricing. This helps us ensure efficient production and cost management.

Please contact us for MOQ quantities.

2.Volume Discounts:

We provide tiered discounts based on the total order quantity or purchase amount. Larger orders receive higher discounts, reducing the unit price as the order size increases.

3.Customized Quotes:

For large-scale projects or specific bulk orders, we offer customized quotes tailored to your needs. Please contact us for the best price.

4.Special Promotions:

Periodically, we run special promotions and additional discounts on select products. These promotions will be announced on our website and notified by email.

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