PIR Motion Sensor Split Solar Wall Lamp

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  • Innovative Split Design: Compact form factor that saves on shipping costs, featuring a detachable solar panel for flexible installation.
  • 76 LED beads: High Luminance
  • PIR Motion Sensor: High sensitivity to human presence, offering bright illumination when needed.
  • Patented Product: Unique technology and design ensure standout performance and uniqueness in the market.
  • Eco-Friendly Solar Technology: Utilizes advanced solar panels for reliable, day-long charging, supporting environmental sustainability.


YINGHAO assists you throughout the project: 
Solar lamp appearance, brightness, light source, lighting colors design, Logo, product packaging and packaging materials, etc.
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Tech Specs

Solar Panel

Polycrystalline PET laminated, 5V / 0.8W



Charging Time

5-6 H

IP Grade




Item Size

L12.2 * W18.7 * H12.7CM

Working Time

6-12 Hours

Storage Battery

3.7V / 1200MAH lithium battery

Light Source

76PCS SMD2835 LEDs (0.2W / PC)

Color Temperature(CCT)

2500-3500K or 6000-7000K

Net Weight

0.9 KG

Lamp Luminous

Adjustable settings up to 550LM for tailored lighting

Fit Customer Requirements

PIR Motion Sensor Split Solar Wall Lamp

Adaptable Solar Lighting for Every Setting

Our Split Solar Wall Lamp, with its split design, effortlessly complements any space from municipal buildings to residential areas. Its high-performance lens and sturdy structure not only enhance functionality and aesthetics but also offer easy transportation thanks to its compact size.

PIR Motion Sensor Split Solar Wall Lamp

Bright, Efficient, and Durable Illumination

This compact lamp houses 76 LED beads to cast exceptional brightness. Solar-powered for daytime charging and automatic nighttime illumination across four modes, it combines energy efficiency with robust lighting. The IP54 waterproof rating and high-quality ABS material ensure longevity and reliability in all weather conditions.


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