Customized Solar Street Lights

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In 2023, e-commerce customers from Africa pursued new business opportunities on Ali's international website, facing growing market competitiveness. The company was founded in 1968. They urgently need innovative solar and commercial street light products. To break through the sales bottleneck in a fiercely competitive environment.

Faced with customers' clear goals and needs, Yinghao Solar Lighting acted quickly. We thoroughly researched the customer's market. We developed an affordable and fully solar commercial street light for the African market for our customers to meet their urgent sales breakthrough needs.

During the project, we thoroughly considered the customer's requirements. In order to adapt to the climate and environment in Africa, we carefully adjusted the parameters of the solar street light to adapt to the region's changing environment. Using lightweight and sturdy ABS material for housing facilitates transportation and reduces the cost of accommodation for the user. We chose 1000pcs SMD lamp beads with high conversion rates for monocrystalline silicon solar panels to ensure brightness. Provide continuous and efficient energy for the street light.

Solar streetlights in an African village
Considering that the customer needs to ship from China to Africa, we customized sturdy packaging for the customer to use in the shipping process. The solar street light boxes are made of three layers of corrugated paper to ensure no deformation. The outer box consists of a five-layer corrugated kraft paper outer box. It is also equipped with a reinforced pallet to further protect the product so that it can arrive safely at its destination in any transportation environment.

yinghao solar street light packaging
We work with the well-known Chinese brand and the world's top three supermarkets. This has ultimately led to our clients choosing to work with us.

After in-depth collaboration, we customized solar commercial street lights for our customers. We have achieved remarkable results in the African market. Based on customer feedback, the solar home street light is designed to be used in various ways. It's not just quality and performance that meets the expected standards. And play an essential role in helping customers successfully break through sales barriers.