Solar Park And Pathway Lighting

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In our most recent collaboration, we worked on an engineering project with an engineering client from Panama. We met by chance at an exhibition. we understood his need to purchase several high-quality and durable solar street lights for a park project. He faced the challenge of ensuring the park's nocturnal vibrancy and functionality. This necessitated lamps with intense brightness and a reliable material composition for the lamp body. Our team, recognizing these demands, was eager to rise to the occasion.

In response to the client's specific needs, we recommend our 300W-400W engineering street lights. Yinghao‘s street lights use American Cree SMD 2835 lamp beads. These lights boast a high luminosity ranging from 6000 to 8000LM. Further enhancing their efficiency, our PC optical lenses. The lens allows these lights to achieve a light transmittance of 93%, ensuring adequate illumination throughout the park.

Yinghao's split street lamp is at the gate of the park.

The structural design of Yinghao's street lights is also worth noting. The entire body of the light is made of die-cast aluminum for solid durability and corrosion-resistant. Recognizing the importance of reliability, we offer a 3-year warranty. Our commitment is clear: if our customers face any product-related challenges, we're ready to assist, ensuring smooth operation for their projects.

Post-installation, the park's transformation was evident. Nightfall revealed a space illuminated with precision and clarity, a testament to our products' efficacy. We are very satisfied with this project. He said: Yinghao street lamps, in terms of brightness and durability, perfectly meet my standards, and I'm hopeful of a long-term collaboration with the company to bring them to another project. We invite you to experience the Yinghao differently if you envision a similar transformation. Reach out to us, and we'll illuminate your vision together.

Nightfall revealed a space illuminated with precision and clarity