Naples Wellness Pathway Lighting

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On the scenic outskirts of Naples lies a greenway stretching 1.5km and frequented by residents for morning jogs. The natural environment here is perfect for running.  However, the lack of lighting at night reduces its usability.  To fully illuminate this health trail, roughly 30 street lights are needed to provide a safe and safe environment. Given the local advocacy for low-carbon living, the environmental friendliness of the lighting scheme was important.

After understanding the background information behind the project, our business manager developed a comprehensive lighting scheme.   We zeroed in on our YH0220 solar street light.   For the advocacy of low-carbon living, solar lighting has become the primary choice of this project.

Naples Wellness Pathway Lighting

We used the YH0220 street light for this road project. We have made much effort to ensure the best service life of the lamps. The housing of this lamp is made out of fully die-cast aluminum. This way, it is not only strong, it is also corrosion-resistant. In terms of battery, the YH0220 uses a lithium iron phosphate battery, and its cycle life is as high as 2000 times. Lamp beads are the core components of solar street lights, and we use the German brand Osram. This ensures that the lamp remains bright throughout its lifetime. In response to local calls for low-carbon living, our lights and lanterns are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Residents alike have lauded the trail's enhanced safety and extended usability, thanks to our YH0220 solar street lights. The green and friendly lighting method aligns with the community's sustainable development direction. If you envision a similar transformation, contact us and let us illuminate your path.