Customizes Solar KC Battery Landscape Lights

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In 2022, a brick-and-mortar store owner from South Korea found Yinghao on Ali International. He wanted us to provide him with lamps equipped with the KC Battery. He also wanted us to recommend a solar lawn light that combines a simple European-style design with high-quality performance. Facing their current sales bottleneck, they urgently need to discover new products. To find a breakthrough in sales performance.

Before contacting us, they conducted extensive market research to find solar landscape lights with KC batteries that matched the European minimalist design. They demanded a high-quality product from their supplier. Yinghao's solar landscape lights initially used traditional batteries. But in order to meet our customers' requirements, we replaced them with KC batteries, which are suitable for the Korean market. The change required the designers to redesign the circuitry to match the new batteries better and ensure that the product's safety was not compromised. Our designers successfully solved the circuit problem in just one day. The customer's predicament was quickly alleviated.

Yinghao kc battery
Customers place strict requirements on quality. Regarding quality control, we are equipped with a professional QC team. This includes IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, etc., to ensure that each process is strictly inspected. Raw materials are 100% inspected, and a strict AQL quality control system is implemented. During the production process, our solar panels go through three complete inspection procedures. This is done to ensure its stability. After the product is completed, a specialized quality inspector will conduct a final inspection. Ensure that the quality of the product meets the standards before entering the warehouse. Even before shipment, random checks are performed inside the warehouse. This ensures the product remains high quality until it is delivered to the customer.

Engineer at Yinghao
Our customers value quality, so we care for every detail with strict standards. We create solar landscape lights with excellent quality for our customers. With the quick response and professional support of our designers, we were able to make this happen. The customer's problem was solved quickly, thus realizing the desired outcome.

The project has successfully landed. The customer is sincerely satisfied. Solar landscape lights, with their stunning design and excellent quality, have injected new vitality into the customer experience, and the customer is pleased. The European-style solar floor lamp has not only become a star product in their stores, it has also attracted the attention of many consumers. We are proud of the breakthrough made by our customers. At the same time, it continues to inspire us to move forward and pave the way for the success of more partners.