Solar Landscape Lights European Supermarkets

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Through the introduction of an old customer from Yinghao, a supermarket customer in Europe found us. They wanted us to develop an energy-efficient landscape lighting product and sell it locally in Europe. This is one of the top 5 building materials supermarkets in the world. We take this project very seriously. Through several rounds of email exchanges, we have a general understanding of each other's needs:
1. This product must strictly meet the environmental protection requirements of the European market.
2. The product needs to customize the sensing function.
3. The appearance needs to be designed so that it can be used in multiple scenarios.

Yinghao's dedicated team spared no effort in meeting the challenge. Time waits for no one, and our R&D team quickly offers a solution within seven days. These included an appearance design scheme, environmental protection material list, induction head customization content, and more. They came to visit Yinghao's factory. After a round of communication, the customer is satisfied with the scheme. We've successively passed ISO 14001, BSCI, and supermarket-exclusive factory inspections.

Yinghao passed ISO14001 certification
This lamp is made of environmentally friendly materials and has passed REACH certification. As for the easy replacement of all accessories, all are designed as removable fasteners. The product adds another reflective bowl than conventional products, allowing for more concentrated light. The lampshade is all tempered glass, even if it's accidentally broken or scratched. Our engineers have increased the sensing distance of the sensor head by 1m over the conventional model to accommodate higher pole options. The glass lens is designed specifically for the sensor head, and it has certain anti-interference and protection features. In practical terms, we have also made innovations to enable multiple uses on the same light pole. It can also be installed as a street or wall lamp, entirely in line with multi-scene help.

The landscape light can be used with a variety of light poles

The community feedback was excellent after this product was put on the supermarket shelves. These installation methods are especially well-suited for the local market, and many customers are ordering combination light poles. We have also reached a long-term partnership with this supermarket customer. The other party powerfully affirmed Yinghao's product customization abilities and design abilities.  If you have any solar lighting product development needs, please work with us to let Yinghao Solar light your business path.

European local users feedback that the  landscape lights are very beautiful