Developing Yard Raised Garden Beds Lights

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As a well-known brand name for Raised Garden Beds products in the United States, the client was exploring new sales opportunities. They were looking for an environmentally friendly solar outdoor yard wall light to be sold in conjunction with existing Raised Garden Beds products. This was the company's first attempt to sell solar garden lights, a brand new product line, as a matching product.
This partnership is part of a new customized design and development process for the client's main products. Based on the characteristics of the Raised Garden Beds. We need to design a solar magnetic wall sconce with breathing capabilities. At the same time, ensure that the back panel blends with the wave shape of the Raised Garden Beds. And the client wanted the product's packaging to be made of environmentally friendly materials.

The requirements for a supplier are to have in-house R&D capabilities, and meet the requirements of the customer. Able to provide high quality products with fast deliveries.
During our cooperation, we have demonstrated excellent technical capabilities and timely delivery speed, meeting customers' needs for products. First of all, in terms of design, our ID exterior designer completed the design drawing within three days. Then, within 7 days, we had a beautiful 3D printing prototype. A 3D model was subsequently published. As a solar system manufacturer integrating production, R&D and sales, we are committed to creating a sustainable future. We meet stricter delivery time requirements with our professionalism and commitment to our customers.

yinghao's designers at work
After a customer's request to replace the environmentally friendly packaging, the company decided to move on. Taking their customers' environmental protection needs as their starting point. We replaced the normal packaging with environmentally friendly non-woven bags. Honeycomb paper became the new cushioning material. It provides better protection for the product during transportation and loading/unloading. It is also in line with the consumer eco-friend concept.

yinghao's eco-friendly packaging
When customers incorporated our solar yard lighting products into their Raised Garden Beds collection. Sales continued to climb and this became the highlight of our cooperation. Our unique fixture design pairs perfectly with the Raised Garden Beds, elevating their product line to a new level. Starting with the original practicality of baskets, flower racks, Modular Cover System nets and the like. Our lamps and lanterns incorporate a unique visual enjoyment that is more enjoyable, creating a new sales model. The overall vibe of the garden is significantly enhanced.