Resort Hotels In Malaysia

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This resort hotel is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rich in tropical vegetation, the natural beauty is stunning, but it is a pity that this beautiful scenery disappears at night. The project required a lighting solution for various outdoor spaces ( including gardens, walkways, and pool areas) and was designed to withstand the local tropical climate. This is where we at Yinghao entered the picture, ready to bring their vision to life.

The resort has a large outdoor space that needs lighting

When we received this case, our R&D team responded quickly and proposed a solution within a day.  For example, we customized a unique light color for each resort's location.  And we adjusted the breathing mode of the YH0613 wall lamp more slowly. At the same time, matching the indoor light color creates a more romantic feeling when dining in an outdoor restaurant.  Considering the local climate conditions and with more rain in the summer, we have strengthened the waterproof rating of these products.   Through our joint efforts, we started producing bulk goods one month later.

After the resort hotel is illuminated by Yinghao's lights

These products are weather-resistant and very ideal for tropical climates. They are charged by sunlight during the day and provide consistent lighting throughout the resort at night. These solar garden lights emit warm light at night, giving the entire hotel a pleasant vibe. Their easy installation and low maintenance perfectly met the resort's requirements for a sustainable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution.

The outdoor restaurant has a warm vibe in the light

We have installed more than 1,300 solar lights in the hotel! TThe resort's transformed, lit landscape showed the project's success. . The customer expressed immense satisfaction with our durable, energy-efficient solar lights. They appreciated the enhanced ambiance and reduced energy costs. Contact us today to shine a light on your projects - and subscribe to our blog for more Yinghao success stories.

Customers have feedback that these lights are very bright