Solar Garden Lights

A European distributor of YINGHAO solar garden lights has seen a significant increase in sales after investing in targeted online advertising and showcasing the product at local garden shows. By leveraging our reputation for quality and reliability, the distributor has been able to attract a loya

Solar Lighting Systems

A distributor in Africa successfully introduced our solar lighting systems to rural communities without access to reliable electricity. The distributor closely collaborates with regional government representatives and community leaders to inform the public about solar lighting's advantages, such

Solar Wall Lamp

In North America, a YINGHAO distributor specializing in outdoor lighting has seen a surge in demand for our solar wall lamps. The distributor capitalizes on the growing trend of homeowners seeking energy-efficient and low-maintenance lighting solutions for their outdoor spaces. By offering a rang

​Solar Decorating Lights

A distributor in Asia has successfully marketed YINGHAO Solar Decorating Lights as a fun and festive way to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and festivals. The distributor works directly with local government officials and community leaders to educate the public about the benefits of

Solar Landscape Lights

Another distributor in Europe focused on promoting YINGHAO solar landscape lights as a high-performance and versatile lighting solution for outdoor landscapes. The distributor targeted landscapers, gardeners, and DIY enthusiasts who were looking for a powerful and reliable lighting system that di

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