2023 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition

2023 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition

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On May 10, 2023, the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The 2023 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition came to an end. It's the largest and most influential lighting industry event in East China. Many lighting exporters like Yinghao attended the fair. Here, they connected more customers,  forge strategic partnerships, and get acquainted with the latest trends.

The 2023 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition

In this Exhibition, Yinghao made a big impact by showing off over 100 samples of solar garden lights and solar street lights. This enables visitors to clearer learn more about our extensive products. The key highlights, Which were our new releases for 2023, like the solar table lamps and solar flower stand lights, were the big draws. These new products drew significant attention, due to their unique design and functionality.

The Yinghao international business manager is in charge of the show. The team for the exhibition was made up of 4 professional and enthusiastic export business representatives. They represented Yinghao's spirit. Together, they engaged with attendees, explain our products, and offered technical advice. Each interaction underlined our genuine commitment to the ongoing evolution of solar lighting.

Yinghao export business representatives team

During the Lighting Exhibition, our philosophy of putting customers first shaped every interaction. This philosophy drives our efforts to engage and support each visitor who stepped into our exhibition space. 


Our service extended beyond simply showcasing our products. We were focused on building meaningful, trust-based relationships with potential customers and other industry partners. Our goal was not just to provide solar lighting solutions, but to become a reliable partner they could depend on.

The 2023 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition catalyzed industry growth and enabled potential partners to connect. We meet with many wholesale distributors who expressed keen interest in our new 2023 product line. Our solar table lamps and solar flower stand lights got a lot of positive feedback. That indicates promising prospects for broadening the scope of our product distribution.
 These potential collaborations we made in this exhibition represent more than business opportunities. It is also the driving force for us to insist on product innovation and customer service.

The Ningbo 2023 exhibition strengthened Yinghao's dedication to the international lighting industry. Based on Yinghao‘s mission, we are committed to focused on bringing green, innovative products to homes all over the world. Want to become our business partner? We invite you to join us on this journey- learn more about Yinghao and our wide array of solar lighting solutions. Together, we can illuminate the future with sustainable, innovative lighting solutions.