Yinghao Debuts At The 2024 Frankfurt  Light Building Exhibition

Yinghao Debuts At The 2024 Frankfurt Light Building Exhibition

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On March 3, 2024, the prestigious Frankfurt Light + Building Fair opened at the Frankfurt Exhibition Hall, attracting the world's lighting and building technology elites. 3-8 March: This six-day event serves as an excellent platform to explore cutting-edge lighting trends and engage in in-depth exchanges with global clients. The YINGHAO team traveled thousands of miles from Zhongshan, Guangdong, to exhibit at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany.

Manager Steven Zhuo led the overseas marketing team of representatives at the exhibition.

At the exhibition, YINGHAO SOLAR's General Manager Steven Zhuo led the international marketing team of representatives, showcasing new outdoor lighting products and innovative solutions. The themes of this year's exhibition— are "Sustainability," "Connectivity," and "Live+working". It is meant in the context of rising energy prices in Europe, highlighting sustainable lighting, smart electrical connections, and creative solutions for people's lives and work.

At the 2024 Frankfurt Light + Building Exhibition, YINGHAO SOLAR showcased its latest releases of solar street lights, zoom spotlights, etc., grabbing the attention of global visitors. The diverse cast aluminum and ABS 2 series solar street lights are designed for two scenarios: engineering and household use. The new Zoom Spotlight series impresses with two-in-one features for precise control of light, focal length, and brightness. Onlookers at the exhibition praised the convenient operation and effective control scheme during on-site demonstrations.

Visitors queued to experience the control scheme's convenience and application effects.

YINGHAO SOLAR also received warm greetings from the Xiaolan government during the exhibition. On March 5, Xixiong Zhao, secretary of the Xiaolan Town Party Committee, and Jianbiao Li, president of the Xiaolan Chamber of Commerce, visited the exhibition site, commending the YINGHAO SOLAR for its innovation in outdoor lighting and new energy products. They encouraged the company to continue developing new technologies and products, promoting green and environmental concepts to drive Xiaolan's economic growth and establish a prominent image among local merchants.

Xiaolan government officials visited the exhibition site to support the YINGHAO team.

YINGHAO SOLAR is dedicated to innovating solar energy products, promoting green living, and providing eco-friendly solutions to households worldwide and around the globe. Addressing global demand for high-quality, intelligent, and low-carbon lighting, we will contribute to the sustainable development of industry and the global economy. Visit us at booth 10.2F75A during the Frankfurt International Lighting Fair until March 8 to explore our latest products. We invite all customers, new and old, to join us as we explore new business opportunities!

Wlcome to join us as we explore new business opportunities!